Translator Teams

Evangel Bible works with international and indigenous leaders to serve under-resourced people around the world. We work globally to transform lives through God’s Word. We are committed to developing local community leadership as well as relief and community development where we serve. We know prayer is a powerful resource and have witnessed the difference prayer can make. Please pray with us for our translator teams and community leaders in their places of service. Together, we will believe for miracles to unfold as God provides for their needs. In addition, we invite you to join in continual intercession for them as they persevere in translating and sharing the Word of God to the ends of the earth. Many of our translator teams serve globally and do not post their profiles online.  Please pray with us and consider giving financially to help our translator teams and indigenous leaders as they serve.

Bob & Jean Young – Saboba, Ghana

Dr. Jean is the Medical Superintendent for the Saboba Medical Centre, a 95-bed mission hospital Dr. Jean also mentors two doctors and is heavily involved in the efforts to educate community leaders about Ebola and Cholera. The Young’s have served in Ghana since 1988.

Phyllis Cline – France

The Clines home base is France. They also work in Benin and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  In Benin they have established an orphanage called The Welcome Center. They have also built two clinics and work with evangelists and church planters.

VANGPONG PHOM – Nagaland India

Vangpong is president of NEMWA and is currently the Missions Chairman for the Revival Churches in Nagaland. Through his work with NEMWA, he has developed the Seeds of Hope School, The Destitute Women’s Shelter as well as the Evangel Bible Translators Training Centre.


They have served Evangel Bible and our missionaries delivering laptops and other supplies to missionaries overseas. Melvin is a Bible teacher and has focused his work in New Delhi.

JIJU & ANITHA MATHEW – New Delhi, India

Jiju works in New Delhi as a pastor. They also have a Bible school and orphanage working in the slums of New Delhi.



Asish and Divya aim to become Bible translators among the Mannan people located in Kerala in southern India. They travel throughout Asia teaching God’s Word.

TS Enoch EnuMyanmar

Doing Bible translation for the Leinong.

Ahngyo Jingsayah – Myanmar

Doing Bible translation and literacy work for the Kaishan.

ATS Jeremiah – India & Myanmar

Doing Bible translation work for the Matu Chin.

Keena Pangtook – India & Myanmar

Doing Bible translation for the Ollo Naga.

Tholung Daniel Lamkang – India

Doing Bible translation for the Lamkang.

Gijum and Yaluk Yomgam – India

Doing Bible translation and evangelism in Northeast India and working with the Karka.

Stephen Daniel – India

Doing Bible translation for the Paniya.

Gbodio (Ben) Gboffua – Liberia

Doing Bible translation for the Gboloo Grebo.

John and Diana Lubeck – Guatemala

Doing Bible translation for the Chortí.

*Our missionary works with the Hill Madia – India

Doing Bible translation, literacy and education work.

*Our missionary works with the Magahi – India

Doing Bible translation, evangelism and radio broadcasts.

*Our missionary works as a Translation Consultant – India

She works as a translation Consultant and Workshop Coordinator for Evangel Bible. She also has worked for 10 years on the Magahi translation project.