Church Planting

Establishing churches should be the goal of missions; this cannot be accomplished effectively where the heart language has no access to the truths of Scripture. In order to faithfully reach the remaining 2,500 people groups without scripture in their language, there should be a marriage of Bible translation and church planting. One cannot be neglected over the other. Again, the goal of missions is not Bible translation, but the goal of missions cannot be obtained without Bible translation.

We aim to place God’s Word into the hands of those who are seeking, then follow up with teaching, answering questions, and helping others understand until they are ready to put their faith in Christ. Evangel Bible works with church planters over the course of one year to train indigenous leaders to translate God’s Word. These leaders receive training in evangelism, discipleship, leadership, worship and service. The two-fold effect is the gifting of God’s Word and the establishing of God’s Church.