Evangel Bible Translators reaches the world with the word of God.

Why Do We Translate the Bible?


What if, instead of actively exploring the Scriptures yourself, you had to rely on someone else to read and explain them to you? Chances are, you would be a very different kind of Christian.

Millions of Christians live this way every day. Unable to read the Bible in their own language, they must wait until a pastor or missionary opens the Scriptures for them. For new Christians to become strong spiritually and for the church to be stable and fulfill its destiny, the Word of God must be available in the mother tongue — the language of the heart. Furthermore, many non-Christians will not believe in the Gospel until they are able to hear it in their own language.

This is why God has called Evangel Bible Translators into existence. We, who honor the Holy Spirit and love what the Spirit of God is doing in the world today, have chosen to be more involved. Our mission is to bring the Word of God to all people in their mother tongue.

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